Wednesday, 8 December 2010

The Vine Mosque Avenue


Vine Mosque Avenue street is a place, located between Istiklal Avenue and Meşrutiyet Avenue. The district is named after the Vine Mosque built Bayezid II. It is believed that The Vine Mosque had disappeared at the end of the nineteenth century.

At the turn of twentieth century it welcomed the European artists who came to work in night clubs has lost its historical spirit today. We can say that many European artists and man of letters visit these restaurants and nightclubs. For instance; one of the writers who is inspired by this Avenue is Fikret Adil who basically accounts the bohemian lifestyle prevalent in the area in his work "Asmalı Mescit 74."

While wondering around the Vine Mosque Avenue, you can come many people who have different race, religion, nationality. For instance; we met an Afro-American male who present us his single album, called “RED, BLACK AND WHITE” by ENZO IKAH.

In an interview with a grocer, there comes out a story of "the Vine Mosque Avenue" According to this story after the destruction of "The Vine Mosque”, a new historical building is constructed by one of the emperors of the Ottoman Empire. Then he gives this building as a present to the Commander of Italian Navy. This building takes its name from the commander. Presently, there is a parking area at the one side; on the other side, there is a restaurant, called “Acıktım”. This is a proof for the capitalist system and the degeneration of the historical culture.

All these explanations show that The Vine Mosque Avenue is like a cultural bridge between past and the present. With its colorful life, it appeals many people who are different in many aspects.

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