Monday, 6 December 2010

SPACE GHOST: SADRI & NEJLA (Sadri Alışık Street Group)

Dormitory’s dim light was shining as always. Sadri was looking out the window, which fronts the dormitory’s backyard. Now, outside is weirder for him because he will be there, soon. For he was 17 years old, he has to leave dormitory.

He has plans for his next steps. Esat and Sedat, whom Sadri will leave dormitory together with, will rent a house in Beyoğlu, only place they want to live, and will say “Hello!” to new life. Now, it is time to go for them. Sadri and his friends left the dormitory without ever turning back. They set the house, paying its first payment with money which they saved in dormitory for years. Even though in their first days, they found odd, later they became accustomed to both house and street. In the past, he always watched outside from the window but now instead of it, he watches outside from his house’s window. Nejla, who is with red hair, short skirt, high heels and walks attractively, catch Sadri’s eyes. This is not first to see her, previously he watched her a few times more. But he doesn’t know anything about her. One day, while he was watching Nejla, he witnessed that 4-chained men got off their motor cycles and they beat Nejla cruelly. Nejla was screaming but nobody helped her. The young boy ran and went to near Nejla and sent away 4 chained-men. Nejla was amazed at this situation because she came across with this situation many times and nobody helped her. Sadri raised her and took away her to his house. Hot water was ready. Sadri staunched her bleeding wound. Meantime, he asked her who was those chained men but he didn’t take a clear answer. Nejla made a stand for Sadri not learning reality. She suddenly stood up and left the house. The following day, script was same. Chained men cornered Nejla and beat her again cruelly. When Sadri arrived there, Nejla was lying unconsciously. He took her his lap and took away his house. Sadri fell down with Nejla. On the one hand, he was watching Nejla while she was sleeping, on the other hand, he thought about 4 chained men and what they want Nejla. Nejla regained consciousness and she felt that she loves Sadri. While time was passing, Nejla and Sadri’s love was becoming bigger and bigger. But Nejla was restless and for she loves Sadri, she doesn’t want to lose him. If she shares her mystery with him, she is aware that it will be their dream’s end. When it became night, Sadri and his friends had a deep conversation. Esat learnt that there are too much transvestites in the street and told this to his friends. But Sedat and Sadri didn’t know what transvestite means. When Esat told its meaning, both of them were very surprised. This was an unacceptable situation for them. They said these kinds of people shouldn’t be located in the street. Esat chipped in and said, nobody wants them insomuch as 4 chained men beat one of them, a few days ago. Sadri was very surprised and now he understood everything clearly. His girlfriend was a transvestite, he was very angry. On the one hand he was angry for Nejla, on the other hand he was ashamed of himself. Next morning, he thought that he would talk to Nejla but he can’t stand waiting and he decided to go to Nejla’s house. When he went, he was shocked at situation which he came across and suddenly left house.

Then, he provoked the habitants and they said they try to throw them. Constantly, hey had pressure, swore and beat them. Later, they decided to fire house at midnight. That house and other houses burnt. In this situation, instead that government should search about how this became, who did it, and defend alienated people, they legitimize this, besides they named the street as “Sadri Alışık Street

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