Monday, 6 December 2010


"What the average man calls death, I believe to be merely the beginning of life itself. We simply live beyond the shell. We emerge from out of its narrow confines like a chrysalis. Why call it death? Or, if we give it the name death, why surround it with dark fears and sick imaginings? I am not afraid of the unknown.” “These sentences are from the diary of Rudolph Valentino. Is death the end or the beginning of life? That has been the primary question of humankind for many centuries. We have always been afraid of the unknown things but we have still continued to look for the answers. Do you know the haunted hotel legends in history? Bullock Hotel in Deadwood, Connor Hotel ,Jerome Grand Hotel and Elms Hotel are just some of these famous hotels that is said to be haunted. The Marmara Hotel is one of them,” said he with the book in his hand. At that moment the guests of the hotel entered room. This time the victim was a married couple. Unfortunately it was the cursed room. They were placed in number 213 room. In the Labour day celebrations on 1st May 1977, it was used by the American agents in order to control the crowd. Shotguns were heard when the president of The Confedaration of Revolutionary Trade Unions finished his speech. As a result many people died in that day. One was still living in that room and swore to take his revenge...

Welcome,” said he. The very moment when they entered the room, they were irritated by the cold and odd air of the room. Then for a while he watched them and the couple wanted to rest after the long, tiresome meeting. Suddenly the door was closed. The lights were put off. The woman was afraid and wanted her husband to look at the door and the lights. However he did not care about it. “hey honey, come on don’t be afraid, come and sleep” said calmly to his wife. She was not sure as her husband and went to look at what was going on. The ghost was following her and she went out of the room. There was something waiting for her. She faced with him, the ghost! He was wearing a bloody shirt and torn trousers and had a gun in his hand. He said again, “Welcome and now good bye.” He shoot her. When the man heard gun shot, he woke up and went out of the room. His wife was lying on the floor in blood.
This was the secret of the hotel and this event displayed as an assassination. It was not the first, probably it would not be the last one...

Gülhan Sungur
Gülşah Köken,
Kadir Saydam,
Merve Sevinç
Meryem Yıldız,
Salih Köseoğlu,
Yasin Kanbur.

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