Monday, 6 December 2010


In the old times, there was a cruel king and he had a daughter, Dilruba who had distinctive beauty. They lived in a great palace in the middle of the country. It had a huge garden full of various flowers of which odour spread all over the palace and it was like a part of heaven. Dilruba liked wandering among those flowers. One day, while she was picking up red roses, she saw a poor young boy with a reed flute passing by the palace. the girl was stucked on the appearance of the boy. In the eyes of her, the boy was like a sun shining in the darkness. For many days, the girl walked around the garden looked forward to seeing the boy around the palace and she never took him out of her mind but there was no trace of the boy. Dilruba was sick due to his love and fell to the beds. The king was so upset for his unique daughter and wanted to make her enjoy. So he organised an entertainment in the palace. He called upon many musicians who were among the most skilled ones from different parts of the country. At first, Dilruba did not want to join to the entertainment but she could not stand the insistence of her father and decided to join. The entertainment began and each skilled musician started to show their talents on music before the king and her daughter. Dilruba was indifferent all of the things around her but suddenly a music caught her attention, she slowly raised her eyes and gazed at the musician whose melody was like a remedy for her sick soul. She recognized that the boy was the one whom she saw picking up the flower and she was stucked on the boy for a second time. When his melody was over, he went to the garden and Dilruba followed him. They began to talk and she learned his name was Sergen. While they were talking, the king saw them and he noticed the happiness of his daughter. At the end of the entertainment, the king thanked to the boy and invited him to the palace to make her happy. Days passed and the relationship between Dilruba and Sergen became stronger and stronger. The king noticed this relationship and he was disturbed because he rejected the idea of their being lovers and Sergen was so poor that he could not be husband for a princess, even the meaning of their names_Dilruba meant entertaining and carefree and Sergen meant dismal_were opposite and the king decided to end this meeting. Dilruba could not help seeing the boy and she continued to meet with him out of the palace. The King learned about this inappropriate relationship and he built a tower which had 23 floor to keep her away from Sergen. He named it as Odakule and prisoned her in this tower.She was prisoned in the 23rd floor and each floor was guarded by guardians. Sergen tried every way to reach her but he was failed. Dilrüba was sorrowful because of her love and Sergen ,too. He could not bear this pain and die of sorrow. After King learnt this, he went to Odakule to free her. But Dilrube who heard death of her lover, thrown herself from the window and her dead body turned into a stone statue. This event remained like a legend in the mind of people and this statue mysteriously disappeared.It is believed by many people that this statue disappeared mysterously because true loves have declined.

melek aker

züleyha bektaş

nagihan yanılmaz

gülfer şahinbaş

betül çaya

arzu suna

lale şahan

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