Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Akdeniz Terrace - Nevizade Street

Here is Nevizade Street! Walking along the street, it is possible to see various kinds of café-bars. These bars choose to have traditional square tables with white table clothes and Turkish raki on them. Generally people over 40 fill such bars/restaurants. Suddenly we were stroke by something. The sound! Music was calling us!

-“Is it Cohen?” -“Yes, It is!”

No sooner did we hear the sound than we saw the name of the bar: AKDENIZ. Neon lighting was a good choice in using for the writing of the name – on the signboard. At the very first side, the name moved us, it recalled our Dionysian feelings through music and then its name “Akdeniz”. When we entered the place inviting us, we saw that atmosphere and the name were compatible with one another.

Following the impact of the sound and the name of the bar, another appealing point is the lighting. The use of dim light creates a gloomy atmosphere, and that is why the importance of identity lessens after for a while. It becomes insignificant who you are among the other people; the consciousness of the strict rules imposed by the society becomes lost! When compared to an ordinary café, that is why the customers feel themselves more relaxed with their behaviors. According to our short conversation with one of the waiters and the barman, not only the younger generation but also mature people, such as lawyers, teachers, architects, academicians etc. prefer “Akdeniz” the inspiring. This shows that the people who are under the pressure of an Apollonian lifestyle during the majority of the day feel the necessity of Dionysian comfort even for a few hours at the end of daily tensions, and the last stop is “Akdeniz”. As a café/bar, Akdeniz successfully appeals, also, to people who have different kinds of music taste. Even the individuals listening to pop, rock or metal music can easily come together at the same place. It was true also for our group members. Each one of us has different musical cultures but it was irritating for neither of the members as the songs did really not address to only a group of listeners. When we went near to the DJ and asked some questions about the playlist, we learnt that not only the hard rock sounds but also alternative songs were present. The most popular and especially preferred ones were HIM, Iron Maiden, Travis, Desemberist, James Blunt, Bob Marley, Cohen and Pink Floyd. It was also nice to have the posters of these groups and singers on the walls of the bar. It was appealing truly both to the eyes and the ears of the customers. Both visionary and auditory can be experienced in “Akdeniz.”

As for the decoration there are wooden tables with red comfortable seats. The color of red is used not only with the sofas but also with the walls. Among the other colors, red is more striking and it reminds of personal desires such as love, energy, appetizing foods. This is why the people need to escape from a black white world. What is more, we know that young people incline to question and avoid clichés. As if to set an example for this, a ceiling with red strokes is used. The color, red, is used differently at each floor. From the basement to the upper floors one sees lighter red or other lighter colors making the atmosphere comparatively brighter. To see paintings and the caricatures on the walls is another charming point of the café. No matter where it is, the work of art strikes the attention of the people and gets on well with the souls. The paintings, done by the art students from universities, create a warm atmosphere and they cover all the walls. In terms of their concept, they are very well chosen to invite the people walking along the street as some of the paintings include some figures which are like coming out of mythological stories – including very interesting characters for most people. Another affect on the walls are the work of comics. Today many people buy comics weekly and that tradition is really widespread among the people. Using some characters from the comics is another way of attracting the potential of customers.

According to our short interview with an another waiter: “ Akdeniz has been one of the most enjoyable places of Nevizade for ten years. A terrace is included in its for floors and garden during the summer months. Akdeniz is the center of alternative songs and house of – especially- university students. It has a small entrance, nice and dim illumination and bustling regular visitors. In summer seasons, the terrace of Akdeniz is so charming. Akdeniz, which greets the summer with air conditioning and with renewals in its decoration, implants “adolescence” to the people everyday, between 12,00pm -04,00am.

Throughout Nevizade Street, one can make choice among so many places according to the spirit of either themselves or the bars. Akdeniz is one of them having its own distinct spirit and soul addressing to most of the people walking around Nevizade. Due to the facilities it has, Akdeniz promises some kind of comfort and feast with the help of their good musical taste. Its organic result is the ability of appealing to many people and having so many frequent comers. In other words, Akdeniz is very popular among the group of people having Nevizade culture. This is why one can claim it to be a product or a result of popular culture. As being students of Cultural Studies, we do know well that popular culture is the culture for mass consumption and it captures most of the society. It has a kind o illustration seeming to be provided for all and none may escape it. From such an angle, Akdeniz is the best example of it.

group members:

özlem hasanoğlu

elif hızarcı

şule uzunkaya

begüm demir

fatma tosun

elif kotancı

suna cevandır

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