Monday, 6 December 2010

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Torch of Life

   Selim is a fifteen-year-old boy who is the member of ‘’Torch of Life Union’’ like many others. Torch of Life is a union which gathers people under the name of religious and scientific education. Its basic aim is actually to take over the administration and the most important units of the country as education and law system, and soon bring shariah. It trains its members with an oppressive and restrictive education limiting their perceptions. This union advertise themselves to people especially people from country sides promising a bright future. Selim first encounters with them during their advertisement in his village. Selim is attracted by their pollicitatio thinking that he can educate himself and support his family financially. He decides to join them and goes to the union. In his early days, everything seems to be run its course. However, it is different in the other side of the coin. He soon realizes how he has been abused by the authority of this hypocritical union. This union serves the purpose of pacifying people in order to make them monotypic in terms of values and way of thinking. They immediately quash any attempts of rebellion with violence. Selim become sure that he doesn’t get the education which helps him to support his family and educate himself. He begins to talk about this hypocritical approach of union with his friends. Arguments and questions arose in the union and administration become uncomfortable and anxious because of their questioning manners. They see Selim as a threat to their association therefore they confine him into a cell in order to get under the control of his provocative manner and they practice different kinds of brutal tortures on him. They appease the rebellion attempts of any members like Selim. The Association of Torch of Life is in fact the torturer.

   Today, Galatasaray High school has a contemporary true education whose building once served for The Torch of Life Community. In present day, students and people have the right for defending themselves and make themselves heard in society. Galatasaray High school has a contemporary way of real education and it also serves as a meeting place for people who stand for their rights.

Galatasaray High School

Group Members

Gülşah Karabıyık
Gülçin Koç
Sinem Akdağ
Tuğba Baltacı
Meral Turhan
Fatma Hergül

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