Monday, 6 December 2010

Space Ghost, "Here and There"

Another warm day. The sun was shining on me and I woke up. I have a look around to see whattheother fellows were doing. As usual, one of my tiny friends, who feeds on love, was afteracouple handhand. She is cheered by the scenes of love. For today, she has already foundthe source to entertainherself. Oh! what is she doing ?! She was whispering : "Weinen Sie nicht bitte!" to the woman crying : " ach so mein Gott!". Poor dear, although she can not bear sorrow, what a coincidence that everyday she is successful at finding such people. By the way, where is the adventurous Dustie? Of course, he is busy with turning the world round and round and round; but he just supposes so. Oh God, please someone bring him down from the swing !

Ooops, i was nearly f
alling down because of the blowing soft wind. Meanwhile, where was I? it resembled to a signboard, which had letters on it N-E-V-I-Z-A-D-E. And suddenly,the wind blew heavily and when I opened my eyes, I fet the heat ! I thought I was about to evaporate, I understand that I was on an another signboard of the bar, and it was lighted up with neon letters : A-K-D-E-N-I-Z.

Meantime, a group of students were discussing among themselves: " -what does Mrs. Kiranoglu like? -Does anybody know exactly? - How the hell we will do it?!" I really wondered about their work and followed them into the bar. Then some of them make an interview with the barman and the others looked ant the picture on the wall for a while. " Hey, this man resembles to Atlas, in mythology, carrying the world on his shoulders!" Hearing this, I could not help myself laughing at adventurous Dusti. So funny he is! because he believes he is turning the world round and round himself! Haha!

A sudden sneeze ! Aagh! A force pushed me away again! I hate being thrown into the air! But, hold on, an interesting place this is! Lots of colorful bottles and glasses, a light on the ceiling like the rainbow. Pink, red, blue. Always turning and changing the color of atmosphere ! the song started with the words : " If you want a lover, I'll do anything you aask me to. And if you want another kind of love, I will wear a mask for you. If you want a partner, take my hand. Or if you want to strike me down in anger, here I stand, I'm your man." A couple, drinking and chatting sincerely. At the other corner of the bar, an alone man - thinking about the last night. I do love here - truely! this place is just like me - many sided. There is no need to walk along the streets because of boredom. Luckily i have just got rid of " wandering lonely as a cloud." ;)

group members:
şule uzunkaya
begüm demir
fatma tosun
özlem hasanoğlu
elif hızarcı
suna cevandır
elif kotancı

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