Monday, 6 December 2010


Once upon a time, Yunus Aga’s grandchild, Hakan falls in love with a girl who has blonde hair, innocent large eyes and peony mouth. Her name is Lisa, an Italian girl .Hakan decides to purpose to Lisa. One day, they are looking forward the meeting at 3 a.m. in Asmalı Cake’s. When he arrives at the Appoinment Avenue, he realizes that it is time to pray afterwards he goes to perform ablution. While he is performing his ablution, he is stabbed on his back and immediately dies. In a few minutes people get crowded and one of them finds a letter in his pocket written for Lisa. When Lisa approaches to the meeting place, she is shocked by the scene and she faints. When she collets herself, she see a man coming towards her. That man gives her a letter saying that it is found in her lover’s pocket. Lisa opens it curiously. The letter follows as

“My dear Lisa, I love you more than anything. Today, I want to open my heart to you that I am dying to have a minute with you. If I can not offer a happy life to you, at that moment, it will be my last breath.
Your faithful lover Hakan

Lisa bursts into tears after reading these lines and remembers how she dreams of leading a happy life with Hakan. However this is now impossible to realize her dreams. On that day Lisa swears herself that “If I don’t come here every single day to accompany your soul, it will be the end of my life”. She does what she intends to. During one of her visits, she is deeply affected by the odours of the flowers, the sound of the soft wind. Especially, it is as if the wind is combing her hair. She can not make sense of these strange events and she gets afraid. She feels that there is somebody beside her. He is absolutely Hakan’s ghost. Even if it sounds crazy for her to believe that he is with her, this makes her the happiest woman in the world. Ghost whispers her “you are so soft and beautiful, I miss you so much”. While she messes around, she sees the reflection of her lover on the mirrors of the restaurants in Vine Mosque Avenue. She is about to loose her mind and she tries to catch the reflection. At last, she understands the impossibility of unity. She decides to strangle herself with the arms of the vine. At that moment, the vine branches disappear.


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